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Founded: 2000 • Founder: Mr. Bagher Nazari • Manager: Mr. M. Reza • Staff Total: 37 persons

Located: No. 299, Highway Ayatollah Saedi – Saveh Road, Shatereh Street Mobarezan Tehran – Iran • Tel: +98 21 5526 5516-20. Fax. +98 21 5527 3933 • Mobile: +98 912 1212 402 

Nazari Brothers’s Iran is Group of companies

Fadak Tire Persica Co - 2000 – Payab Tejarat Emad - 2013 – Pasargard Tejarad Arghavan– 2013

Al Ahebaa Auto Spare Parts L.L.C – 2007 (Dubai – U.A.E), NAZARI BROTHERS (IRAN)

Nazari Brother’s founder Mr. Bagher Nazari started his tire business with company named Fadak Tires Persia in 2000. He is the elder brother among five, all five brothers are involved in tire trading business and well known in the Iran market. After Iran business Mr. Nazari expanded his business internationally and established a company named “Al Ahebaa Auto Spare Parts LLC (April, 2007) in Dubai (U.A.E).  “Al Ahebaa” is dealing U.A.E and international markets since its formulation.

- Nazari Brothers got Falken Japan/Thailand passenger car, light truck, truck and bus tire indirect dealership through Al Ahebaa (Dubai) U.A.E for the period March, 2007 to Sep. 2012.

- Nazari Brothers owned Nexen Korea/China passenger car, light truck agency through Al Ahebaa (Dubai).

- Nazari Brothers also running Chinese brands Wanli, Wosen, Three A agencies through Al Ahebaa Dubai – U.A.E



Nazari Brothers Group took first step in 2000, as a tire seller with a small enterprise in Tehran –Iran. Our group is well known in Iran market due to his better services commitment, specialist in tire distribution and service solution provider.

 Over the past fifteen years, Nazari Brothers has earned trust and good name in the tire industry. Nazari Brothers today owning 3 showrooms, 3 warehouses, one big warehouse in Tehran – Iran with land area acquired 30,000 sq. meters. Its stock keeping capacity is 400, 40HQ containers. We also owned one truck, bus service center.


In order to meet the market demands “Al Ahebaa” handling different brands from different origins with focusing to provide quality products and better services to society.


Nazari Brothers falls in top 5 tires importers of Iran, truck bus service center,  Network of 150 customers from all over Iran, Professional experience sales & marketing team,

After all above, Mr, Bagher Nazari has established another company with the name of “MEHRGAN ARAD ARMEH”.

Now most our business activities are doing under our new company name in the address of “MEHRGAN ARAD ARMEH”. :

No. 299, Mobarezan,  Shatare, Saveh Road,Tehran – IranTel: +98 21 5526 5516-20. Fax. +98 21 5527 3933& +98 21 8878 3803 • Mobile: +98 912 1212 402,P.O. Box: 3318745483


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